TEDx 12 of November at The Museum of World Culture Göteborg. Our ambition is to create a setting that will inspire your heart, soul and mind. We seek to spawn new perspectives and understandings on the complex, yet crucial, topic of human rights and identity – thereby challenge the scope of your mind. You might be surprised, gain new insight, disagree, or find yourself with new questions – we leave that to you. Our aim is not to reach absolute consensus, but rather to provide you the opportunity to walk in another person’s shoes and discover where it can take you. SPEAKERS: Michael Wernstedt, Marco Helles, Mazen Gabro Mourad, Petter Hellström, Saadia Hussain, Ann Lagerström, Björn Söderberg, Noomi Lappalainen, Jan Axel Nordlander, Christer Mattsson, Johnny Lee Clary, Alexander Cavalieratos, Fredrik Svanberg, Oscar Hedin, Tina Wik, Aleksander Gabelic, Leo Razzak