A little bit about us

We're still experimenting with our product, as a client or a partner, you can help us shape it. Want an invite or just to talk? We love talking! Contact us here

  • Create events

    We think it's important to plan ahead. Create an event a good while before it's go time and spread it everywhere.

  • Monitor traction

    Keep track of where your event is embedded before it goes live to see what interest you have created.

  • Broadcast live

    Reach your audience with live broadcasts. Our platform lets you stream in high resolution to anyone anywhere.

  • Embed anywhere

    Go to where your audience is. Our player can be embedded and viewed almost everywhere.

  • Global delivery

    Our collaborator's powerful CDN sends the data that makes your event where it needs to go, everywhere on the globe.

  • HTML5 & Flash

    Our player automatically delivers the best suited format for whatever viewport your audience is on.

  • Integrate with our API

    Create campaigns or your own video site and integrate our functionality with it. Your audience won't even know we're there.

  • Watch on any device

    Your users are no longer only at their desk at home or at work. Make your event available when they want to see it..